Reach 14298276 Medium
Vital statistics
Species Jiralhanae
Affiliations Covenant Empire
Role Ground Commander
Weapons Gravity Hammer
Status Born 2502

Died 2554

Mission Types Infiltration, Clan leader, Pack leader, Ground operations
Belzruk was a powerful brute from the Covenant Empire who was in charge of protecting Feta 'Tothamee along with his two aids, Hammarak and Matrok during the objective where The Prowlers came to hunt down Feta. Belzruk is very rough, and proud, he is very pleased if he is rewarded, also he is pleased to raise his ranks in the Covenant actually to out run Feta 'Tothamee. Although he holded the Ground Commander title for a short time, he was the most powerful brute chieftain during The Prophecy event on Earth.