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Covenant Loyalists is an umbrella term of Covenant soldiers that serve Revelation by setting up plans destruction. Similar to the Covenant Remnant, they are a faction of Covenant Empire members who remain loyal to the belief of the Forerunners as gods.

This loyalty was created before Revelation's reign over Earth, where this movement served as aiders to Feta T'othamee, who was prepared to protect The Prophecy. This movement was dispatched by The Prowlers at 2554; Coryhn was the last member to be killed.

Name and Photo Rank Information
Go Sangheili Special Operations
No Sangheili General
Download Sangheili Deceiver
H Sangheili Major

Y'hamaa -- Y'hamaa was brought to the orphanage at age 6, when his parents were killed. A prophet of the Covenant adopted him and trained him for 20 years when he became 20. Y'hamaa created the loyalist movement for those who would spite his master, and was in charge of preventing invasions from being stopped. Although he faced an untimely death, loyalists were proven worthy of replacing Y'hamaa.


Arath Thoramee -- Arath was raised in Sangheilios and dispatched to the Covenant Empire at 2532 by his parents. Arath was one of the most strong willed Sangheili of the Loyalist Movement. Although he died, he was able to hack information at The Prowler's computer labratories.

Geshraa -- Born to be wise and patient, this loyalist was a great companion of Y'hamaa. Geshraa was one of the eldest (61 yrs.), most powerful but weak willed Sangheili of the Loyalist Movement. One of the most honorable out of all the elites to Revelation, that made him arguably the protector of the Covenant loyalty.

Coryhn -- Coryhn was one of the youngest Sangheili (39 yrs.) of the Loyalist Movement. One of the most powerful loyalists, he claims to be the new leader, however got assassinated before replacing Y'hamaa's role of leadership. Born and trained by Y'hamaa to be potent, this loyalist was one of the most unpredictable of the movement.

Twes-Bre -- Despite Twes-Bre's agilty and stamina, he was one of the weak-willed of the Loyalist Movement. Trained to be an agile and powerful Kig-yar of the Loyalists, he also has the ability to leap 3 kilometres and jump up a tall tower within seconds.


Yakov -- Being one of the most strong-willed of the Unggoy Loyalists, Yakov is arguably unpredictable of the Loyalists, however, could rarely be much of a coward.


Buarake -- Buarake was one of the most weak-willed but powerful Unggoy of the Loyalist Movement. Spiraling into chaos while in close combat, Buarake is one of the most stealthiest sniper of the movement.