The Sangheili Deceiver is an elite class that are one of the only Elites that wield Sacred Blades.

Sangheili Deceiver
Vital statistics
Species Sangheili
Affiliations Covenant Empire
Role Ground Commanders

Naval Commanders

Weapons Fusion Blade
Status N/A
Mission Types Ground Operations

These elites are very stealthy than a Spec Ops elite, also one of the most feared ground troops. They usually turn their camouflage off when close to an enemy, giving it a disadvantage to get killed. But however, these elites have camouflage that range from very good to excellent, making it stealthy enough to fool an attentive enemy. These troops have an appearance of a Spec Ops, and have black colored armor.

These soldiers are usually sent out on dawn missions that could be dangerous to it's targets, because of their stealth and swiftness. These soldiers also patrol The Deceiver warship engines and control rooms for the opportunity to accomplish The Prophecy.

UNSC Marines mistaken the elite with the warship.