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The Prowlers Squad or simply known as The Prowlers are a UNSC squad with 10 members. This

A picture of Zeus

group was dispatched by the BFCC to protect planet Able from the Covenant onslaught.


The Prowlers are a squad of Spartans and supersoldiers. They have very skilled and strict training programs, which has the advantage to kill legions of Covenant, but they do have a disadvantage, The Deceiver. But even though this is their weakness, they had already finally destroyed The Deceiver.


Wolf B815 (Deceased Commander): The leader of the squad. He usually is given orders by the BFCC from Captain John Kirk. He is a Spartan IV born on Able. He wears a HAZOP helmet and wears steel colored armor. He has a straightforward trait. Wolf B815 is also known as Wolf B -- 15, simply Wolf, or Prowler 1.

Spartan G349 (Deceased Lieutenant):  The new member and lieutenant of the squad. He can be played in Halo: Fall of Able. He is very similar to Noble Six from Noble Team.

Kai D167 (Don't be confused with Kai A019, deceased Private): The lowest ranked member of the squad. 

Tain R790

Kozell Y054

Paun V163

Duran S530 Zeus T645

Dillan W267

Qui E312