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The Sacred Blade is a blade, and only primarily used by the Covenant Loyalists and the Elite Deceiver.

Title: Sacred Blade
Manufacturer: Revelation's Hand (coming soon)
Model: Type-5
Damage: Fatally gruesome

Ammunition: 300 battery units
Fire Mode: Melee
Rate of Fire: None
Range: Melee/Close quarters
Era(s): The Prophecy
Magazine Size: N/A
Type: Energy Weapon/Sword
Operation: Close quarters
Affiliation: Covenant Loyalists
The Fusion Blade is a sharp razor blade developed by Revelation's Hand. that has a taser -- like effect on the enemy. This weapon is a signature weapon to the Deceiver Elite, but also used by Feta 'Tothamai rarely. This blade is made of ionized thermal plasma (hot plasma).


It's advantages is that this weapon is incredibly sharp and can cut through anything, and competes with the Energy Sword. This is the close quarters that is feared by all the Covenant Loyalists. It's razor sharp blade makes it easy to slice an enemy to pieces. Because of it's taser -- like effect, it has a 25% chance of  paralyzing an opponent. This weapon ranges from gruesome to fatal, and victim fatalities are from decapitation to sliced in half, like the Energy Sword. This weapon has more battery units since the Sacred Blade has 200 more.


Like the Energy Sword, this blade is battery powered, and will disable if used for long.Edit