"These guys are as sneaky as a Jackal, and more agile then an Elite. Heck, they're stalkers too"
-- UNSC Spartan

The Ypoulos, (In Greek, "Sneaky") are creatures that are assosiated with The Covenant, also occupies the planet, KOI 1845.02, discovered by the remaining UNSC troops of the fierce Earth battle.

About ThemEdit

The Ypoulos, (Also known as a "Stalker") are Jackal - like creatures (only larger) with Elite - like legs. Even though these troops are long ranged and powerful, they tend to run away if an enemy gets close to it. Since they have Elite - like legs, they can easily dodge from attacks.

Their appearance in Halo: Fall of The Nation, is rare, since they only appear in Mission 2 and Mission 4.

Ranking SystemEdit

The only known ranks of the Stalker is Minor and Champion.


The Minor is the commonly seen Grasshopper 


A picture of a Champion

in Halo: Fall of The Nation, and the rank that retreats if an enemy is close, since they're long ranged. This Stalker is usually seen with a Needle Rifle, and a Fusion Rifle.


The Champion is the close range rank of The Ypoulos, and the rarely seen Stalker Rank. The Champion has the same armor as a Minor, only with a visor, and a Plasma Grenade belt. It wields a Plasma Rifle, a Concussion Rifle, and a Plasma Repeater (very rare).


The Ypoulos are generally 6 ft. to 7 ft. tall. These creatures are dinosaur - like creatures with muscular arms, and strong legs, but even though with the advantage to dodge attacks, they could sometimes eventually fall down and get up slowly, with the enemy's advantage to kill the Stalker. However, these foes have a very good advantage of killing the enemy since they are mashed up with a Skirmisher and Elite, making them jump greater distances. They're called Stalkers since they can actually hunt down or pursue an enemy stealhily.

Relationship with The CovenantEdit

The Stalkers follow the Prophets' orders for a reward from them, they are also faithful creatures, however, rarely they would regret the Prophet's orders and turn against them. These troops serve as overseers, and Ground Commanders. Because of their Elite - like ability and strength, these troops tend to replace Elites and Skirmishers, what makes them jealous of this species.


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Their homeworld is a mysterious planet, filled with swampy lakes, and the view of Saturn in the sky.